Nancy Kenney is President and founder of Sustainable Urbanism Online. In 1993 Nancy began documenting new urbanist conferences, projects and practitioners, along with her husband, Robert Althouse. The archive includes over 60 interviews, or tours, and 40 cities from which the curriculum for Sustainable Urbanism Online has been derived. Nancy also became a founding partner of a new urbanist community designed by Andres Duany, DPZ, Aldea de Santa at the same time that she and her husband pioneered a sustainable development in Santa Fe, NM called Eco Seco where they now live with their beautiful family.

After seeking her MS in International/Intercultural Development Education, Nancy moved to Boston to study film composition at Berklee College of Music. She continues to perform, write film scores, and teach music, kindergarten through university, but her love of traveling to video conferences and sustainable new and old urbanism locations - such as Cuba and Oslo, Norway - has led Nancy to her exciting and inspiring life with Sustainable Urbanism Online.


Joanna Alimanestianu, Vice President


Joanna is a leading planner and architect in the American and European movement for new urbanist and sustainable building and development practices. Her role with Sustainable Urbanism Online spans curricular development to company policy. Because Joanna resides in Brussels and New York, she contributes a unique international perspective on land use and community.


Sasha Linda Wasko, Senior Editor - Sustainable Urbanism Online Curriculum

Sasha Linda Wasko is the Senior Editor of curriculum for Sustainable Urbanism Online courses. She has a Masters of Science in Media Arts and Education and has been an educator for 30 years.

Ms. Wasko has been with Sustainable Urbanism Online since its inception and is considered one of the backbones of the company. Her experience as a Construction Project Manager, designing and building houses is an asset towards the architectural goals and educational ideals of New Urbanism.


Robert Althouse, Editor/Cameraman - Sustainable Urbanism Online

Robert Althouse began his career as a builder and developer for sustainable building practices, creating Eco-Seco and engaging DPZ to design Aldea de Santa Fe, a TND by Andres Duany. Rob and Nancy Kenney founded this partnership with 14 families. Rob signed the Charter for the New Urbanism and this vision has been the catalyst for most of Sustainable Urbanism Online's courses.

In addition to being a vital part of the camera, editing and IT team, Rob owns and operates a solar heating business in Santa Fe, New Mexico called SolarwiseUSA.


Consuelo Althouse, Editor/Camerawoman - Sustainable Urbanism Online

Her camera work, ability to direct and write has been instrumental in developing the online courses offered by Sustainable Urbanism Online.

In 2009, Consuelo video taped the Council for European Urbanism's Cuban Charrette and Tour.


Zoë Dennis

Zoe has filmed and edited several films in locations like Boston, and Greece, as well as being key grip on an Albuquerque shoot.

She is dedicating her ‘extra-hours in the day’ to the rigors of internship; editing scholars, planners, builders, the do-ers of the green wave called Smart Growth. The daughter of an avid new urbanist (William Dennis), Zoë is well familiarized with the world of new urbanism.